Friday, January 29, 2010

Closer than ever before

What do you do when you're an indy film maker (read: low budget) and you want to blow away any film that's been made about the Tour de France? You think better, work harder and find inventive solutions that the other guys missed while they were taking it easy. For Chasing Legends we planned and plotted ways to put the viewer closer than they have ever been. We've all seen gorgeous helicopter shots, long-lens finish line shots, even a few dash-cam team car shots. But you have never before been INSIDE the peloton, until now. (yes that's Lance, thanks Bernie for the shot!)

Even with our limited budget we figured out ways to connect the audience to the experience of the tour. For instance, who gets the best seat in the house for the action? The professional photographers. Of them, two names come to mind, Graham Watson and Tim deWaele (the Jean Claude Van Damme of photographers). Both are interviewed in Chasing Legends and Tim even let us mount cams on his helmet and his moto. Here are a few screen shots of how close we will take you. HUGE thanks Tim. (click on the image, they get bigger)
Below: TIGHT SQUEEZE - Tim was yelling at his driver, not sure what (he speaks in a mix of French and Dutch). It was a close call either way...the spectator in the frog suit almost got clipped!

Mark Cavendish drafting off Big George

Notice there is no guardrail. No chance for mistakes or crashes - for rider, team car or Photographer moto...

It defies physics how a centimeter of rubber can retain traction going 80k on wet pavement, downhill - into a tight corner.

Lonely, cold and rainy. The less glamorous professional cycling.

Again Big George - climbing into the clouds.

And finally a self portrait by Tim, of Tim.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Picking Up Speed

Hope you like the new website, big thanks to Curtis and Ken for hammering this out. Things are starting to ramp up as we are about to start offering tickets to the premiere, just as soon as we sort out pricing. In the coming weeks we will also be raffling off some amazing things for those who support us through either a pre-order of the DVD or an investment.
Oakley shades - the Livestrong Jawbones!

Posters from the Museum of Bicycling in Oudenaarde, Belgium SIGNED by Eddy Merckx himself!

A few Chasing Legends t-shirts signed by Phil Liggett!

And much more. So stay tuned as the days grow closer to the World Premiere and DVD release!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Many Long Days

I'm in it now. 12-15hrs a day hammering out this movie. With 5-7hrs of daily team car footage on top of 2-3 hours of daily action footage we shot on top of 3-4 hours of ASO and Versus footage daily, on top of 'at-Tour' and retrospective interviews from no less than 22 people there's a bit of footage to digest. And it all has to be scoured for the best comments, the best looks, the best moments. This is one of those moments - George drops back to chat to Brian and Rolf, yells "In that crash I had to jump over Vande Velde's bike! How crazy is that?"

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Freeze Frame

from Stage 1 back in Monaco. Seems like years ago...

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Logo

Hope you like it - God knows we spent enough time on it...