Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Writing

Had a productive evening last night. Amidst scheduling retrospective interviews with some of the riders and past legends, importing footage and creating a library for it all I've got to write the words, the shots and ideas that will be the thread to sew the story together. The process is usually the same - pick some good music first. Then I take it riding and think. I pedal and picture the audience getting quiet as the lights in the theater dim. What do they expect? What will they love? What will make them leave their seat thrilled in 90 minutes but not budge until then? How can I be better than every other cycling film? What's a good idea, what's a bad one?

It's a different kind of pressure from the shooting. With a documentary you simply cannot plan every frame like a typical film. You have to see it as it happens and shoot it. So now when I have a slight bit of control over the monster I have to write around what happened, shoot backup scenes that set up the action - mold something amazing, something genius. Many times I get back from riding without any new direction but yesterday was different. I have to sit down & shut out the world, focus, have a drink. More music. Think. Then finally write. Look over the photos, watch the footage, write more.

Last night I wrote the intro of the film. I think it's solid. Then I watched the intro of Tropic Thunder. Ben Stiller is a genius.

Some shots from Verbier. This was the view out George and Wrenshaw's room.

Curtis and I finally took a couple hours off to shake the rust off our legs. 30k down the valley then 30k back up. Both were amazing but one was a lot more fun.

This is Dubs rolling over Lance.

As always, thanks for reading.

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