Monday, December 21, 2009

More Goods

Lots of new footage to absorb but for sure we nailed it on this past trip.
A moment of pensive consideration with Bernie

We shot Brian and Rolf together as they were always together in the car - it was great to hear them play off each other and get all fired up even months after the Tour.

Got the vital Cavendish interview amidst a last second change of venue. We had planned to shoot him out on the barren lava rocks but the threatening rain held off no longer and we scrambled just minutes before Cav's window of accessability opened to our plan B location. Turns out it was a perfect call as not only did the rain get heavy but the waves would have been a lot of background noise. Plan B location was quiet and considering Cav's low voice it worked out perfect in the end.

We took a couple long lunch breaks, one to ride with the team and two to surf.
Jason takes a turn at the front of the best pro cycling team in the world

The day we rolled out of town the waves were bombing. We stopped at a break in LaSanta to get some photos - Jason was pleading with Ken to go out but we didn't have time. Come to find out our flight was delayed a few hours and would certainly had time - question is would we have had the cojones?

Stay tuned, many more photos & stories to come.

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