Sunday, September 13, 2009

Buggered Travel

after a great visit with Cav (he was recovering from a respiratory infection and camped at the final city of the ToM) Curtis and I made our way to the airport. I really look forward to showing the world a side of Cav they don't see. The calm, smiling, quiet guy who speaks with passion and integrity. He joked with us like we were old friends - without the pressure of 2 billion people watching him, without the expectations and media crush Mark Cavendish is a mellow, fun guy. He deserves some credit for being more than a machine on a bike.

Travel days always suck but yesterday was one of those days that REALLY suck. Our flight landed in the connecting city of Atlanta early and there we sat. As the pilot reminded us, "No good deed goes unpunished" we not only sat past our normal arrival time but 30 minutes past our connecting flight's departure time. Wonderful. We had a half dozen hours till the dawn flight.

Reminded me of our brief visit to Sitka, Alaska last year when Curtis and I were on a plane that tried 3x to land in Juneau but couldn't find the runway so we diverted to Sitka, paid $150 for a hotel to sleep in for 3 hours then headed back to the airport for more fun tries at landing. Luckily this time we had 4 hours of sleep AND the guys at the Days in put out the breakfast early. That rocked.

Now we sit and wait to head home. Curtis is a sleeping machine. I'm sipping coffee eyeing the Dunkin Doughnuts counter... days, all part of the glamour. I forgot to bring my still cam but I'll see if I can post some stills from the footage in the next day or two. Big thanks to Jens, Paul, Bernie, Jan, Cav and Kristy for their help and time. It was great to see them all once again. I'm more dedicated than ever to making this film truly amazing. It's become my raison d'├ętre.

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