Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jan Lindberg - Top Mechanic and Friend

Jan Lindberg - from the day I met him in Switzerland, has been the most friendly and welcoming of the very friendly and welcoming Columbia HTC family. He is one of the many mechanics on the team and while all of them deserve special recognition for the tireless work they do, Jan became our close friend. As Jan found out, being friends with film makers isn't easy - we pleaded with him to attach camera's to bikes,

give us inside info, let us film him on good days and bad. We always had questions for him, always a favor to ask. I'm not sure what kept Jan saying, "Yes, ok, it is possible. I will do this." but for some reason he did. Even tho he has about 20 years of experience working on bikes, it was his first Tour de France and he was very concerned with doing the best job he could - distrations like us didn't help I'm sure.

We tried to pay him with booze but when you are at the Tour, a hangover can loose your job so we mostly just looked at the booze.

So here's to you Jan - THANK YOU - for fixing our cameras, fixing our bikes, educating us on the Tour and being a good friend amidst the most stressful event of your career.
This is Jan unleashing some dance moves on Director Jason Berry.

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