Monday, October 4, 2010

Broadway Success

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to the CL screening on Broadway last week. It was a great success and I had a great time during my short visit to the city. Some images from the show and NYC:
Grand Central Station - I've always found beauty in small details, even in a hall as large as GCS. The details speak to craftsmanship of another era.

The classic NYC markets

Bikes everywhere, many with tape covering every inch, many with massively huge chain locks

Someone buying sunflowers on a rainy day

The very classy Symphony Space

Friend, fundraiser and first time marathoner next month Nancy Faingar and I in front of our display. Huge thanks to PowerBar for such much product to give away.

Big space to fill but we packed it

We gave the new cycling magazine "Peloton" a shout out for their great article about the making of CL. Online abridged version here:
Check newsstands next month.

A happy director after the show

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