Friday, October 15, 2010

The Rolf & Brian Show

I asked the guys for some quotes to feed to the UK press.

This from Bernhard Eisel:

"Just put some words in my mouth about the movie. I trust you!
Just make something cool! Great inside movie, amazing pictures and rolf and brian are too funny. In my opinion they whould get a reality show!"

Here is what I got from Brian Holm:

"Chasing Legends maked me realize, what my biggest Challenge during a 3 week long Tour de France is.
It to stay in same car as Fritz Aldag 5 hours daily and Listen to his bollocks $"+@;-"+¤"

And from Rolf Aldag:

"If I would have known that jason is such a pain in the ass, I would have never talked to him.
Jason just got lucky on that movie. His real level of filming is at a mountain bike race, not the tour de france.
The only time I enjoyed working with jason was, when I missed the team bus and he gave me a lift with his camping car, including a pizza stop and a beer out of the fridge.
Great movie, who did it?
Every time I see the movie, a lot of great memories come up. It was a once in a liftime expirience and all of the team members loved to be part of it. It really shows the inside of the team and the tour and brings all the emotions across. That what the tour is about. "

Let me guess which one you take. If none of them is good, do your own.

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