Monday, October 19, 2009


Wish I had time to edit and just watch footage. Today I'm working on bringing in some funding for the film. And as we've learned in the past nothing - especially funding - comes easy. A small part of me is happy about that, keeps every person who owns a video camera from making a 'real' movie.

It used to be about who had connections and money, then talent, then the drive and motivation to get it done. Now cameras are cheap (relatively speaking) and editing isn't quite as hard as it once was. So it comes down to money and motivation. Gripped has never had money so that didn't even factor into the equation. We dream it up and we get it done. But having some money sure would help. I guess if we have the talent part the money will come... one day.

We were accused once of "not keeping it real". That fueled me for years, probably more than money would. If 'real' is making a feature-length film about a sport that entertains people not associated to that sport as well as those who are and entertains through the use of character development, story telling, custom composed and performed music - and funding it ourselves, I think we're doing ok. I think it would be more fun with a paycheck tho.

Guess I'll stop rambling and get back to work. And hope like hell I'm talented.

Did you know Big George was in 5 Olympics? And he is afraid of snakes. I look forward to his interview for the film.


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