Monday, October 5, 2009

Living Dangerously

Life in the RV was usually tranquil albeit cramped. On the rare occasion when Jason wasn't in a team or sougnier car during the stage, he would diligently copy footage while the RV traveled. Curtis followed suit.

Usually this happened after filming wrapped for the day, late after dinner. Then we would wake at 7am, drive to start of the day's race and park as close to the action as possible yet far away enough to not get caught in the departing traffic. Jeremy became adept at squeezing that pig into any available space.

By no malice or cruel intention, Curtis livened up one evening by nearly incinerating the RV from the inside out. We often ate dinner with the team but would occassionaly eat in the RV. Post dinner with 4 guys in a small space the air would quickly become, ahem, unpleasant. We had a plan for this and would light a candle in the sink - a seemingly safe place to have it. Curtis, most likely focused entirely on his work, accidentally placed Jason's very new Patagonia rain paints over the sink for just a second and WHOOSH - up they went in a blinding flash of flames. His rain gear was the first casualty of the trip. Unfortunately the camera wasn't rolling. There will be an entire out-take video on the DVD of our RV mis-adventures.

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