Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Glass Is Half Full

From the Chasing Legends blog:
Trying a new way to update the blog from e-mail. Hope this works. So far we've been road-blocked by a lack of electricity to our RV, a lack of a generator, lack of air conditioning on 100°+ days which contributes to a lack of sleep, lack of proper finish-area passes (there's about 20 different levels of press passes here, we're at the bottom), lack of coffee (which only effects me as I'm the only one out of 4 of us in the RV who drinks java), yea there's 4 of us in the RV which means a lack of space, lack of any decent internet connections, lack of bourbon (again this is a Jason-thing so clearly there is no lack of whining from me), lack of sleep (I know I already mentioned that but it's worth repeating) and a general lack of fun.

But in such times, it's best to focus on what one does have. While there is no lack of stress, sore backs, unruly mosquitos that have left me looking like I have chicken pox... what we DO have is a kick-ass team of guys who get along pretty good considering the tough conditions, we have have a kick-ass driver-interpreter who speaks 6 languages including Japanese (in case we get really lost). We have an abundance of unruly cords, chargers, batteries and camera gear but we have wrestled them into very organized bins. We have the Columbia High Road HTC team to follow who just won the 2nd stage of the race and they have a very cool new sponsor, "HTC" which is a telecom company. We have some really impressive footage so far considering I've been kicked out of the finish area twice in 2 days, we have a lot of new friends who are fun to film and we have one hell of an adventure in front of us.

Since time is one thing we are exceptionally short on, I must run. Now that we have better cell and internet connections we will be putting up more and more info as the race and movie progress. Thanks for the glass fills up.


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