Monday, July 27, 2009

Last night

Team dinner was amazing. Finally got to hang with the riders for more than a few minutes and the biggest weight of stress was lifted. No need to walk on egg shells as the champagne flowed. To be part of it was very special. To have so many new friends is priceless. All were happy, talkative, stoked. Staff too. Biggest compliment came from Cav as he told Jason, "so many journalists treat us like animals but you guys never did. Thank you for that. We hate when we don't get attention and we hate when we do get attention so I know that made your job hard."
Perfect way to end it all.

Now the real work begins...but first a much needed break for the film crew. Ken is off to Cassis for a family vaca, Curtis heads home to see how bad his race legs are, Jeremy is starting another epic trip all over Europe and Jason will stay on in Paris to see the city without a lens in the way.

In the coming days we will finally have time to post fotos and share more stories. So keep checking back and as always thanks for reading.

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  1. Just put the ORTA/24solo promo loop on the flatscreen at the shop. Man that Jon Posner sure is dreamy!!!!