Friday, July 31, 2009

The Roar of Silence

I'm home and it's quiet. Not sure how anyone properly acclimates back to a 'normal' life after the Tour but I image all who were involved are feeling similar right about now. Sure I've got plenty of work to do, tons of unpacking and sorting out gobs of gear but there's no team director yelling at me to get in the car so they can speed off, there's no honking of the sponsor parade cars or whirring of carbon wheels unwinding down mountain-side switchbacks, no incoming gummy bears or Carrefour hats - and it's hard to motivate without these familiar sounds. I've been tired beyond belief and often find myself just staring off... The Tour is a lot to take in - I don't think one can fully realize it until a week or two after it ends where we traveled to and what we saw. At least that's how I feel right now. I miss hearing the different languages and accents. The sounds of each different location, the sights of the Alps and the smells of the valleys. In their place is a few birds chirping outside. That and the silence of my studio punctuated by the thunderstorm that is currently cleansing DC...

In the coming days we will begin uploading photos and video. Sure it's after the fact but if you are jonesing for more things "Tour" like I am, it will be a decent fix.


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