Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Once I finally got back to the finish town 'round 10pm we packed up and drove into the night. We had detoured into a medieval town before the race started to suss out a castle in hopes of filming fireworks over it but for some reason the French celebrated Bastiele (sp?) Day a day early or so I was told. As we drove into the twighlight a few bursts of fireworks lit the night horizon and made me think of that castle. But there is no going backwards, only a constant push forwards towards Paris.
Our rv rolled into the next start town as I worked on transferring shots to the computer. Ken has left to join his family in Annecy so we have an abundance of space in the rv which is nice even tho ken is missed. But the rv does smell better w\o his sneaks.
My fingers are numb from typing on my bB and its time to make coffee and qake up the boys. We are parked along the course by a gorgeous little farm but with f*rms come roosters so it was an early alarm today that has no snooze button.
Its sunny and a bit cool. The streets are already super busy as the town is as awake as the damn roosters. Cool church bells too ... Will have to film them next hour. Goal today is to film Phil and Paul as they call the race finish. Now for coffee!
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