Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We Made It &  Its Full the Gas the Whole Way

First things First:  The teaser trailer is done!!! Will be uploaded tomorrow!  Pictures will also be uploaded. 

Keep an eye out for the CurtisCam. I will be uploading videos every couple of days behind the scenes with riders and team crew. A sneak peak into the pro lifestyle.

We are in Monaco preparing for the prologue. Yesterday was hectic- landing in Paris, then flying to Nice, then picking up our mobile hotel- the RV, and finally driving to Monaco - all with zero shut eye for 36 hours. 

Tomorrow we are going to have another busy day and the tour has not even started!  In the AM we will be with the riders while they train and do some recon for the opening prologue. They have pretty sweet rides- two mammoth busses, incredible Scott bikes.  Too bad they have to stay the 5 star hotel overlooking the Mediterranean... They can't roll in style like us in an RV.

Nice, France at a Glance:  Everyone is attractive. Everyone- Newborns and old men are included. Calvin Klein and TommyH don't actually pay models. The simply give a camera to photography student and he takes snapshots in downtown Nice. 

Monoco at a Glance: See above** PLUS everyone is loaded enough to own a yacht, a Benz, a place for the Benz on the yacht, and  a mansion 3,000 feet up built into a cliff overlooking the yacht. 

Driving here is insane.  I don't generally think of roads in three dimensions but there are intricate networks of tunnels, bridges and warp holes  cluttering the extremely narrow roads every 500 meters.  And with our 25 footer, Ken is loving it. 

I got to experience the roads, for the first time since landing, in much calmer, back-to-the-basics type way; just two wheels. Rode as high up as the roads would take me and then said to myself " do I get back"  But after bumping into a directionally savvy Rabbi(he gets the 3-D road network)  in the pitch black, I was back at base camp in no time.  

Jason is keeping his game face on, introducing us to the entire staff, and keeping us informed on anything TDF.  We have 12 cameras and he has plan for each one for each day.  He's got a lot of editing ahead of him, but its going to be great and even better than Gripped Films awardwinning Off Road and 24 Solo.

Ken has been Captain Tech making sure that we are self sustained with power and communication. We are able to run all of our PC's (and Macs for us Apple goons) keep our food cold, run multiple appliances, and charge batteries all without the help of an external outlet. 

Speaking of batteries, our batteries or charged, in both the metaphorical and literal sense, and we are ready to get the wheels turning bright and early!  Thanks for reading


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