Saturday, July 11, 2009


Is a commodity. Like money or expensive wine. I am short on them all. So as I sit here with a spare few minutes before filming another team dinner, at one of the swankiest hotels I have ever stepped foot in, sipping a very fine bordeaux I feel like a total imposter. But I will share my time with you if you care to read on. Today I rode with the sougniers again ensuring the films lighter side. The cam in the #1 team car should balance the serious side as the directors Brian and Rolf steered the team with Big George off the front and a hurting Mic at the back.
I filmed the teams owner, Bob in the rider bus during the races' finish. Then I jumped into the #2 car and filmed head director Alan on the 60k drive to this hotel. Then I shot the mechanics cleaning. Then filmed a strategy meeting. Then filmed the elevator ride to the 3rd floor because it was that cool.
Now I sit in the bar with my wine, my blackberry and my B.O. Yes no time for a shower and no clothes to change into anyway. The boys only recently left the finish town in the rv.
Maxime just came by looking for dinner. He is always very nice and I am stoked he rides so well.
So to bring this to a close I have to say that while I miss home and its comforts, while I miss eating healthy and more than twice a day, miss riding my bike and all those close to me... I am doing what I love and enjoying being an imposter at the Tour de France.
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